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Gtatvmounting is your premier TV wall mounting service in the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we install your TV on your wall carrying out all necessary checks and meeting your needs, at the same time.  Our technical team works in partnership with you, we assess the designated wall to ascertain which type of mount is most suitable for your TV (it can be made of anything from plywood to concrete). Once the Mount is installed, a member of our team gives you a rundown of how the mount can be used to its optimum potential and how it functions to ensure you get the best use out of your investment with peace of mind.

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At Gtatvmounting, we are a team of seasoned professional who take pride in the entire installation process. We make a point to arrive on the exact time we have agreed with you because we value you and your time. Our expert handymen ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the fittings and the mount. They will cover all the important basis for you, including the screen position, the viewing angle, the flow of sound, the consideration for light and avoiding glare so you get to ‘experience’ the best viewing pleasure with you family and friends. Our installation includes tutorial and demonstration of all components, and you can trial the installation before our technicians leave your premises. We want you to have absolute peace of mind when dealing with us.

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Our Top Rated Services

Smart Home

Transform your home to welcome the future and let our smart home specialists bring all the benefits of the Internet of Things and technology. 

Commercial TV Installation

Our team consists of experienced and certified tech specialists who can install commercial TVs at your designated space. 

Home Theater
Sound Calibration

Does your home or place of business need an audiovisual upgrade? We provide design and installation services for both residential and commercial clients. 

Network & WiFi Installation

We design and install professional-grade internet and networking solutions for residential and commercial clients. We will make sure that all areas of your home or business will have access to the Internet.

TV Wall

When it comes to home TV Mounting services, handling the equipment with care comes with the job. GTATVmounting team has a history for delivering reliable service. We discuss your needs with you, assess the wall, carry out a feasibility and use the most appropriate type of mount suitable for your TV and requirements. Our technician will explain the functionality of the mount and how to best use it to draw maximum efficient output from it.  Our goal is to achieve clean and professional look for your wall mounted TV.

Professional Wire Concealment

Loose or hanging wires can botch the aesthetic appeal of your environment and, even worse, can be a hazard! Our expert technician work with the client to understand their desired layout and match it with the most efficient procedure, be it through the wall or within the stud bay, to ensure a professional finish.


We offer a comprehensive range of installation services to make your dream home theatre setup a reality. 

Digital Signage Installation

We know how vital digital signages are to one’s business, and we take that to heart every time we design and install. 


TV mounts offer you a variety of benefits ranging from saving you a lot of space in your living area, especially handy for homes with small living space, to offering you more flexibility. You can incorporate a more open-plan and minimalist décor into your living or perhaps set up an additional piece of furniture or a couch for that extra bit of comfort and cosiness.

The cost to mount a TV on the wall varies and depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the size of the TV to be mounted, the type of mount used, the type of wall concealment option chosen, the number of services included and the cost of labour.

Most walls can support a TV mount, what needs to be made sure is that when installing the mount, it penetrates deep into the wall and not just into the mortar. Even the heavier TVs can be mounted using the most suitable variant of mounts to support them. This is where our experienced team of handymen shine brightest by ensuring a safe, informed, and professional installation for you – saving you the worrying altogether.

Wall mounting itself does not damage the TV in anyway. However, a loose-fitting mount can result in the mount coming off – causing the TV to drop and be damaged. Our team of expert handymen will ensure that your mount is installed securely and will wait until you trial and are fully satisfied with the installation before leaving the premises.

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